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HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout - Insane At Home Fat Burner - Interval Cardio Training and Core

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Time: 45:01

Channel: FitnessBlender

In this video, Keep Fit Junkies, you start off with a cardio warm up, then move into an intense and obliques workout, and then an equally intense HIIT cardio workout, with a nice cool down and stretch to wrap things up - all this, in just 45 minutes.

The abs and obliques portion is deceptively difficult, and you're going to find out very quickly that all of the exercises work much more than just your abs - upper body, butt and thighs all get a good work over, as well. During the HIIT workout, all your muscles and your lungs are going to be screaming, but your butt and thighs are going to get a particularly good workout.

A lot of people will wonder which is better for burning calories; cardio equipment at the gym, or bodyweight workouts like this one. Try each, and you will not wonder anymore. Bodyweight workouts like this one are far superior to working out on clunky, overrated, expensive gym equipment. Workouts like this one - especially because of the Tabata style intervals, are much more effective at burning fat than hours of steady state cardio on a one-dimensional machine. This will feel harder, but it's also working a lot better, and it will bring about changes in your body and fitness levels faster, which makes it worth it.

Workout Structure:

Cardio Warm Up 

Abs and Obliques Workout

HIIT Workout

Cool Down and Stretch 

You can do this workout three times a week; keeping in mind that HIIT should not be done anymore than that, as the body needs time to recover from such intense training.

Make sure that you drink plenty of water after this workout, as you've likely sweated a great deal; it's important to thoroughly rehydrate yourself.



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