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8 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever (HIT EVERY MUSCLE!)

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Time: 8:50

Channel: ATHLEAN-X

In this video the trainer shows you his 8 best bodyweight exercises that you can do and how you can cover all the major muscles in your body with them. Most bodyweight workout routines are nothing more than glorified aerobics that cost you lean muscle while doing them. This doesn’t have to be the case. If you choose the right exercises and follow the proper progressions and regressions, bodyweight training can be just as effective at building muscle as any other workout.

The 8-bodyweight exercises you will be doing on this video are as follows:

1. Pull-ups

2. Chin Up Knee Up

3. Slick Floor Bridge Curls

4. Levitation Squats

5. Dive-bomber Push-ups

6. Mule Kicks

7. Kick through Burpees

8. Front Lever




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