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37 Minute Bodyweight Cardio Training + Lower Body Strength - Butt & Thigh Workout

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Time: 37:01

Channel: FitnessBlender

Start sweating buckets

My favourite kind of workouts, are the ones that dynamically challenge muscles and cardiovascular endurance at the same time. The combo of cardio & toning that you see in this video is a great example of a workout that boosts both endurance and strength simultaneously. This combination is also easily the most effective method of training for someone who is looking to lose or maintain weight.

This bodyweight cardio and toning workout video is a fast way to get in a serious calorie burn, all while toning up the butt, thighs, and calves.

To keep the workout maximally effective, focus on maintaining great form throughout all of the movements. You can also significantly increase the effectiveness and the difficulty of the exercises by focusing on flexing your muscles through the range of motion and pretending like you are working against yourself the whole time.

There is no warm up in this video, Junkies, so make sure that you do at least 5-10 minutes of independent, light cardio before jumping right in. Being diligent about doing the light cardio warm up beforehand will help you avoid any undue muscle soreness in the days following. No equipment is needed for this routine.

Here’s how this video is laid out:

6 Lower body exercises: 14 reps each
6 Cardio intervals: 30 seconds each
2 Rounds
39 Minutes total
Quick cool down & stretch at the end



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