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Swim The Island- Europe - 5th Oct 2019


Location: Italy

Cost: €25 - €53

Time/Distance: 1.8km, 3.5km & 6.0km


Swim The Island is the ultimate endurance open water-swimming event that takes place in the captivating Marine Protected Area of Bergeggi, on the northwest coast of Italy, and is one of the most breath-taking and amazing settings in Europe, offering swimmers the view of one of the most remarkable seabeds of the Mediterranean Sea. 

The water in October is around 22° - 24° C, and there are three race distances available: short (1,800,m), medium (3,500,m) and long (6,000 m). Competitors can choose which distances they want and feel comfortable entering. However, if you are looking for a bigger physical endurance challenge, you can also, if the above distances are not enough of a workout for you, enter both the 1.8 km and 6.0 km swims, which is the only combination swim available due to the times at which the other races take place. All swimming abilities, from first time open water swimmers (who are competent swimmers) to Olympic champions can apply to do any of the above distances.

For some moral support or to get others to join you on this epic endurance swimming event, Keep Fit Junkies, why not register with friends or colleagues or family members as a team? A team can be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 members, and each of the three courses (1.8, 3.5 & 6.0 km) must have the participation of at least 1 different member of the team.

To find out more/ book your place go to:

Warning: There will be boats and paddlers on surfboards patrolling the course. Swimmers are responsible for their own physical condition and are encouraged to train adequately and have a physical check-up before the swim.

Cost information: 

1,800m/short swim €25 - €35 per person

3,500m/main swim €30 - €40 per person

6,000m/long swim €35 - €45 per person

Combined (1,800m + 6,000m) €45 - €55 per person

(The earlier you book the cheaper the price. Displayed prices do not include mandatory insurance cover/medical certificate costs or credit card fees or flights or accommodation costs.)


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