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Jungle Marathon - 24th Feb 2020


Location: Brazilian Amazon

Cost: £2,500 ($4990)

Time/Distance: A 6-stage 254 km race through the Amazon.


Run through the deep jungle, across beaches and swamps where anacondas lurk, in gruelling heat, and this is just the start of what this event has to offer.  With temperatures of 40C, humidity of 99% and insane elevation, often on slippery muddy slopes, this course route offers some of the most extreme environmental conditions known to man along pre-existing paths, trails and tracks through primary jungle.

There will be natural obstacles to pass including streams and rivers with caimans and piranhas as company. Although great navigational skills are not a must, common sense is over this gruelling 7 days, 254 km, and 6 stage endurance event where participants have to sleep in the deep jungle with the sounds of jaguars and howler monkeys in the distance. Indeed, the toilets are often holes in the ground or just open forest, and everything you need to survive a week in the jungle, from antifungal spray to a jungle hammock and food, is carried on your back. 

Each stage will have a maximum time for completion. Any runner failing to arrive within the allocated stage time may be eliminated from the race. So, Keep Fit Junkies, it will be a test of stamina and endurance for each competitor to conquer not only the physical and mental challenges presented by the Amazon but also your fears of big insects and predatory animals you may meet along the way.

Technical and ground assistance is provided by Brazilian and European personnel who are experienced in ultra race events, jungle adventure trekking and survival activities.

It is also estimated that fewer than 50% of an average field of 76 runners from all around the world will complete the course, so good luck!

To find out more/ book your place go to:

Training plans/workouts: Extremely good general fitness is vital for this race. Most people who don't live in the tropics and don't have access to a running machine in a humid environment will be forced to train in normal circumstances and then simply acclimatise once in Brazil. It is suggested participants have a high intensity training schedule of at least 80-90 km per week and, as your feet will be constantly wet, training with wet feet, wet socks, wet everything and looking at an effective foot care strategy will help you prepare for what is going to be one of the most gruelling 7 days of your life.

Warning: Blisters the size of pancakes, chafed raw skin in areas of the body you can only imagine, toenails peeling off like dry skin and heat rashes are some of the common injuries that competitors have incurred during endurance events like this one, so it is important you train hard, are prepared for the dangers and take the necessary precautions to stay safe when choosing to participate in this event.

Cost information: The £2,500 ($4990) registration fee to participate in the October 2016

Jungle Marathon in Brazil includes the following:

• Overnight boat transfer from Alter do Chao to the jungle base camp
• Jungle training at base camp
• Accompanied acclimatisation hikes/runs for marathon runners
• Ecotourism trip including night-fishing for marathon runners
• Campsite each night for the duration of the race
• Mineral water for the duration of the race
• General ground assistance
• Technical support throughout the race
• Medical assistance 
• Finish lunch
• Accommodation for one night following the race 
• Finishing dinner and awards party
• Finishers medal
• Jungle Marathon t-shirt

(Displayed price does not include mandatory insurance cover or credit card fees or mandatory equipment costs.)

Time/Distance information: The total distance to be covered is either: 42 km in one stage, +/-127 km in 4 stages over 4 days, or +/-255 km in 6 stages over 7 days.  


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