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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join a tribe?

At the bottom of “The Tribe” page, you will find the names of seven different tribes and, by clicking on the name of each tribe, for example “Aerobics/Fitness Class Addicts”, you will be taken to each individual tribe’s page where you will not only find the newest recruits to that tribe, but also links to the hottest topics and new articles relating specifically to that tribe. On the top of each tribe page you will find a “Join Us” button and, by clicking on this button, you will instantly become a member of that tribe, and your picture will be added to the newest members’ wall of fame. Each tribe you join will also be added to your profile page as a link, which directs you back to that tribe’s page.

How do I leave a tribe?

It is very simple to leave a tribe; all you have to do is go to “My Account” and scroll down the page until you find the subheading “Groups: The Tribes”. Under this subheading, you will see a list of tribes you have joined, and by clicking on the “leave” button, next to each one, you will be able to leave 1 or 2 or all tribes you have joined. 

How many tribes can I join?

You can join 1 or 3 or all of the 7 tribes if you choose, and you can leave and re-join any tribe at anytime.

How can I connect with other members?

To connect with other members, you must join at least one tribe and have a premium membership. Once you have joined a tribe and have a premium membership, you will be able to connect with other members that have also joined that tribe and who also have a premium membership, by clicking on their “Connect With Me” link which you can find by hovering over their picture. When you click on this link, an e-mail will be sent to the member you wish to connect with for them to accept your connection request. Once accepted, their image and your image will show up on each other’s profile pages, and you both will be able to post messages on each other’s walls as well as send personal messages to each other via your Inboxes.

How do I become a premium member?

Once you have signed up as a free registered user, all you have to do is click on any of the upgrade buttons you see on any of the pages, and you will be able to start the process of signing up to a premium account and becoming a premium Keep Fit Junkie member.

How long is a premium membership for?

• The length of a membership will depend on whether you take out a monthly or yearly membership. 

• On a monthly subscription, you will be on a rolling monthly contract. This will mean that your minimum contract term will be 1 month from your membership start date.

• On a yearly subscription you will be on a yearly contract. This will mean that your minimum contract term will be 12 months from your membership start date.

• If you take out membership through a trial offer, your membership will be for the initial trial period offered and following that trial period, you will be placed on a rolling monthly/yearly contract, depending on the membership length you have chosen.

How much does a premium membership cost?

Unless otherwise specified through an offer, the individual prices for our monthly and yearly membership are as follows:

• Monthly will cost £9.99 per month;

• Yearly will cost £99.00 per year;

• If you are taking out membership through a trial offer, the cost, if any cost at all is attached, will be made known to you before you complete your registration to the trial offer. Following the trial offer period, your membership will continue rolling on a monthly or yearly basis (this will be made known to you before purchase of membership), and you will be charged monthly or yearly based on the then current standard monthly or yearly rate (this amount will be notified to you in advance);

• Payment are made via PayPal which offers users the option to make payment with all major credit or debit cards or by their PayPal account (please note - you do not have to have a PayPal account – it can all be done with just a card). Where relevant, currency conversion values may fluctuate and conversion fees may be charged by PayPal and/or by your Bank;

• We reserve the right to change your membership price and/or benefits with 30 days notice, and affected members may terminate their contract within this notice period or within 14 days. 

How do I cancel my premium membership?

When cancelling your membership with us, please take the following steps:

1. Go on to “My Account”, click on the edit button relating to “Account types and payments”;

2. On “Account types and payments” use the “Cancel your account” button and, depending on where you are in the cancellation terms, your membership will stop at the end of that month/year. 

For full cancellation terms help visits our Terms of Purchase page.

How do I add reviews?

Members have the opportunity to leave comments underneath products featured on the Equipment, Gear & Kit pages as well as add reviews to videos. Comments should try to provide insight, contribute knowledge or refer to additional and relevant information and should abide by our Participation Guidelines

Where can I see all my reviews?

As a premium monthly or yearly member, you can see your latest 30 reviews by going onto your “Activity” page. However, if you send in more than 30 reviews, the oldest reviews will automatically be deleted from your “Activity” page, but they may still feature on the site.

Who can read my reviews?

Reviews can be read by all members, but not by all users as some of the reviews will be on content that will be blocked to those who have not subscribed to monthly/annual membership.

Am I allowed to link to other sites?

We encourage members to link to other websites which provide insight or additional and relevant information. We try to ensure these links are suitable to be published although we cannot be responsible for linked-to content. 

We allow members to post links to their Keep Fit Junkie profile page, their blog, and social media profile/s where relevant. Links posted to anything that contravenes our Participation Guidelines could result in a warning, suspension or ban. 

What are the stars on images and profile pages used for?

These are what we call at Keep Fit Junkie ‘Recommendation Stars’.

Recommending a member by clicking on the ‘Recommendation Star’ is a way of saying that you recommend their page to other members for insight, personal experience, achievements, knowledge and the relevance of the information they provide. Once a member has been recommended, the star on their page and image turns to gold to signify they have been recommended by another user. 

To find out how many recommendations a user has, just check out their profile page, and the number next to their star lets you know how many users have recommended them and their page.

We encourage members to recommend other members as it helps the best contributors move to the top. Members are notified via email when another member recommends them and their page.

How can I delete comments on my profile?

Members are able to delete comments made by them or by other members on their profile page. You can do this by clicking on the word delete next to each comment to remove each comment from your profile page.

Who can read my comments?

Your comments posted on your profile page can be read by all our users, until you set your privacy setting to “only registered users can see my profile page” or “only my connections can see my profile page”.

Who can post comments on my profile page?

Only a member who you are connected to can write on your profile wall. 

How do I embed videos on to my profile page?

Click on “My profile” on the top bar, which will take you to your profile page. On your profile page on the left hand side, click on “edit my videos”, which will take you to “Your top videos”. Once on this page, you will need to first select the video type, then the video code, and then click on the update button, which will then embed your chosen video from Vimeo or YouTube to your top videos list. 

You can also embed your videos by clicking on the “Edit my profile” button, at the top of your profile page, and then by clicking the “Edit my videos” button -  this path will also take you to “Your top videos” page.

How do I embed my own videos on to my profile page?

In order to do this, you need to upload your video to either Vimeo or YouTube, making sure you copy/note down the unique video code for your video and then proceed to follow the steps above.

How can I upload images to my profile page?

Click on “My profile” on the top bar, which will take you to your profile page. On your profile page on the left hand side, click on “edit my pictures”, which will take you to the “Edit your top pictures” page. On this page, you click on “Choose a file” (which will allow you to choose any image from your computer in the following formats: jpg, gif and png) and, once you have chosen your image, click on the upgrade button, and your chosen image will be added to your list of top pictures. 

You can also edit your pictures by clicking on the “Edit my profile” button at the top of your profile page, and then by clicking on the “Edit my pictures” button - you will also be taken to the “Edit your top pictures” page.

How many posts can be viewed on my wall at one time?

You and other users can scroll down to the latest 30 posts on your page. However, if you succeed over 30 posts, the oldest posts will be deleted from your page.

How can I switch between screen names? 

When you become a member, your display name can be your real name or a username (such as a stage name or nickname). We do prefer it when members comment under their real name because it makes them accountable for their opinions and improves the level of conversation on the site. However, we allow users to switch between their real name and username at any given time by clicking on “My Account” on the website and going to “Edit Your Personal Details”. There you can pick to display your real name or username. Please beware - usernames cannot be changed once set.

Why can’t I use certain screen names?

You may not select as your name the name of another person with the intent of masquerading as that person or using a screen name that we deem as offensive. If you fail to change your display name when prompted, we may give you a warning and, in due course, suspend or ban you. However, if the display name in question is your username, we will contact you directly and ask for an appropriate member of staff at Keep Fit Junkie to change it on your behalf.

How can I change who can view my profile page?

When you become a registered or a paid premium member, your notification settings are set immediately. To change this, members should click on “My account” on the website and go to “Edit my privacy settings”. There they can alter the setting to “Everyone can view my profile” to “Only registered users can view my profile” to “Only my connections can view my profile”.

How can I change my email notification settings?

When you become a registered or a paid premium member, your notification settings are set immediately. To change that, members should click on “My account” on the website and go to “Edit my privacy settings”. There you can alter the setting to “Please notify me of any connection requests, messages, updates etc. by email” to “Do not send me notifications by email”. Please note this excludes emails that inform you of important information about your account and the service we provide.

Can I use multiple logins to comment?

No, it’s against our terms of use to use multiple logins with a view to tricking other members or the Keep Fit Junkie team. Subsequently, we keep an eye out for accounts with similar email addresses and IP addresses and will ban them when we spot them. IF THERE ARE TWO OR MORE MEMBERS IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD USING THIS WEBSITE, PLEASE CONTACT US AT

How do I cancel my free registered account?

To cancel your free registered account, please email

If the above has not answered your question/s, please feel free to email a member of our team at







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