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About Keep Fit Junkie


Who we are and why we started?

From the iron pushers to the aerobic warriors, the hard-core cyclists, the extreme sports lovers, the solo runners, the 6 am swimmers to the multi-sport heroes, who train like they have no finish line, anyone with this kind of mindset is welcome. Keep Fit Junkie was built to keep you informed, educated and inspired!

We are Keep Fit Junkie - a new site designed and created to be the only destination for all your fitness needs. Our site currently focuses on what we call our 7 fitness focus sport disciplines, which are: Aerobics, Cycling, Extreme Sports, Multi-Sports, Running, Swimming and Weight Lifting, and each of the main categories on the site, be that Events, Gear and Kit etc., where possible is broken down into these 7 disciplines, making it easy for you to find the information you need for your sport/fitness needs and desires.

It is an educational channel, a fitness channel, a digital publication and a social community channel for people who not only love what they do, but are passionate and somewhat fanatical about what they do! Created to fill a gap in the market to give KEEP FIT JUNKIES LIKE US A VOICE, it is a place where we do not have to feel ashamed about how hard we work, the results we have been able to achieve and the challenges we have been able to overcome.

At Keep Fit Junkie, we are dedicated to finding you the ultimate workout videos/programmes, the most inspirational and motivational quotes, the best expert knowledge and training advice from well-known people within different fields, the top articles on trends on subjects like nutrition and hydration as well as information on the world’s toughest fitness events, all under one roof!  

This is a place where Keep Fit Junkies can be one with their tribe/community to create a bigger and better fitness world that will evolve into what you/we desire for it to be in the future. It is a channel that not only empowers you but is bold and forward thinking and driven by you, in a digitally immersed world filled with information that cannot always be trusted or believed. Our aim is for us to help you and you to help us, gain the best professional tried and tested information out there to help us all make an informed decision about our sport and our fitness in the cleanest way possible.

We are incredibly authentic and run by genuine sports and fitness enthusiasts which means we are loyal to you and your sport/fitness disciplines, as we are people just like you who see our sport and our fitness as a way of life.


What we are trying to achieve?

As mentioned above, our site currently focuses on 7 fitness sport disciplines, and our future plan is to create a space which deals with more fitness focus sports where people can come to learn and spread their love for their discipline without having to go anywhere else. We want the Keep Fit Junkie brand to be established as the go-to brand for all aspects of your sport and fitness needs and gain a reputation as one of the few sites promoting people that are passionate about what they do.

So why not start spreading YOUR passion for the sport/fitness discipline you love with other Junkies and start your own colourful fitness explosion? 

Welcome to our world of sports and fitness!


Now meet the people that made it possible:

Brendalyn Osborne: Sports/Fitness Enthusiast, Founder of Keep Fit Junkie and now Head of Marketing. Her Tribe: The Runners and Long Distance Joggers

Thank you so much for visiting our site, which has taken four long years to mould and grow into what we are proud to say is a site made and designed truly out of love and passion for fitness focus sports. I came up with the idea for this site when I decided after years of neglecting my own health to get back into shape, by hitting the gym and doing every aerobics class I could physically do. As the months rolled on, I went from going to the gym and doing classes four times a week to running four times a week in between hitting the gym. After several months, I was down to my ideal weight of 9 ½ stones, which was great, but for some reason I could not stop there. The sport I loved as a teenager (running) was becoming a sport I was beginning to fall in love with again and, the stronger and fitter I got, the more I wanted to push myself as a runner and as a person. At that point, I started to wonder what else I could do to keep improving and pushing myself to maybe one day be fit enough to psych myself up to do an ultra-marathon. That was when I became aware that my motivation was no longer about losing the weight but about keeping myself in shape, as my fitness regime stopped becoming a chore and started to become a part of my everyday life. It was also at that point that I began researching and talking to other members at the gym I attended about their passion, about their fitness and how/what they were doing to get to the next level, which then got me thinking about designing a sports/fitness website for people that loved what they did but wanted to learn more.

The more I talked to people, the more I started to become interested and wanted to know how ordinary people like me, who wanted to make their sport/fitness discipline part of their life, started to seek out the information they needed to improve and get to the next level - like becoming an instructor or competing in top sporting events. A lot of the people I talked to said they got their information by joining specialised clubs, going to events, doing events and speaking to other sportsmen/sportswomen at these events to gain insight and tips. Others spoke to other members at their gyms or used a number of online fitness magazines, social media sites and blogs to gain knowledge, to follow, to ask questions and watch videos. However, what became apparent to me was that most of these people had to search long and hard to find information they could trust and felt confident in. They felt there was not one channel out there that catered for them - people who did not see their sport and fitness as a chore, but as part of their life. Like me, a lot of them were frustrated by the number of sites that lacked substance, focused too heavily on weight loss and not on getting to a competitive level. They also thought many were hard to navigate around and were not very well put together, organised or user friendly. 

I was also frustrated during my search that there was not at least one site free of the above pitfalls, by the lack of sites that combined knowledge and training techniques from other forms of sports/fitness disciplines under one roof, by the absence of enough information about these different sports/fitness disciplines, material that was comprehensive enough to make me feel I would be getting the information I needed. I was also tired and upset by the comments I was reading online and in the media about women, in particular, being criticised for working out and showing off their results, when I believe they should be praised for their hard work. To get to a level where you are toned from head to toe and to a level where you are competing in some of the best/toughest sports and fitness events in the world is no mean feat, so why should they not want to shout it from the roof tops? I also could not understand why women who were fit and kept fit safely while pregnant with the consent of their doctor were being victimised for continuing to do their Crossfit sessions.  So, in a nutshell, after searching and searching, I slowly began to realise that what the world needed was Keep Fit Junkie, a fitness channel to embrace fitness focused sports and the people that live for them!

So this was how the idea was born, but this is not where it stops, of course!


Amario Daniel: Sports/Fitness Enthusiast and Co-Owner. His Tribe: The Runners and Long Distance Joggers

I am currently a full-time student, and I am a Keep Fit Junkie in every sense of the word. My role during the creation of the Keep Fit Junkie site was to assist, advise and provide information. To be given the opportunity to work on this site was amazing and an honour, as it allowed me to express my opinions as well as work closely with others who shared/share the same passion I have for sports/fitness.

For many years, I have played in football matches, taken part in track-and-field events and, when I am not studying, I work at various football stadiums because I love and thrive on the vibe they provide. In my spare time, I also tend to spend time on a track, practising my 100m sprint techniques, which keeps me healthy and focused on my life goals as I feel most at home when I am either on the track or outside participating in a sport. Over time, I have won many sports related awards for my running efforts, so when I was invited to be a part of the creation of this site, as a result of my own sporting experiences and achievements, I was not only excited by this opportunity, but I completed every task with passion and admiration for what we were trying to achieve. Some people have to learn the mentality of not giving up and always giving their best, even when they feel like they are about to give in, but for us, and for me, this was what we lived by and this was what kept us going when we were tired and exhausted. Like the people we built this site for, we never gave up and will never give up to get to where we need to be/go. 

With regards to the future, I aspire to become an accountant, but staying healthy and keeping fit is everything to me and always will be.

I recommend this site to anyone who is serious about fitness focused sports because it is truly the only place to be.

Now the site is up and running, I have been given the immense but awarding task to update and promote the Keep Fit Junkie site/brand on a number of social media sites.


Jay Lalli: Graphic Designer/Illustrator and Co-Owner. His Tribe: The Ultimate Swimmers

Hi, I am the chief designer on Keep Fit Junkie. I designed the logo, branding and the website. It was a long process, but we knew it had to be to get it right as we wanted to create something that would be talked about, not only in the fitness/sports world, but in the world of design and illustration. Everything we have created has been considered carefully, from the tone of the logo/branding, to the brightly chosen colours, to the images on the site – they were all chosen to reflect this dynamic new brand. In my opinion, there was not anything that looked or felt like this site/brand before, and we have done a tremendous job, achieving all our goals.  

When I was invited to join this venture, I knew my passion for swimming would help enhance the challenges we faced and would help me understand how to translate my passion for this sport into the designs I was creating. Swimming for me, like for most of us who love our sport/fitness discipline, is more than just keeping fit but rather a lifestyle choice. For me, it is a time to re-boot my mind, body and soul. When it comes to pushing myself, there is always that last lap that I have to find that extra energy for. I love it when I push my body just that bit further to squeeze in an extra lap or two, and I know I have had a great workout when my body pulsates when I get out of the pool. Like the core principles a true Keep Fit Junkie needs to possess, I knew my designs had to stir up and evoke these same passion, determinations and drive with the people Keep Fit Junkie was created to engage with!

I have been a designer for 14+ years, and I have worked with a number of small start-up brands as well as some well-known global brands. Branding is where my passion lies, from creating a logo or a visual language to maintaining the brand DNA, and helping to develop a brand to be up-to-the minute and bang on trend, which is another reason I love working on Keep Fit Junkie because it allows me to home in on these skills and practices. Currently, when I am not working on Keep Fit Junkie, I work on one of the UK ‘s biggest cosmetic/make-up brands where I create the designs for their POS and VM kits that go out in stores across Europe to some of the largest international retailers. Alongside this, I also work closely with the global teams to help develop the brand’s look and feel through to its packaging and overall brand presence. I also take on private work in my own time to satisfy my growing hunger for creativity!

To view more of my work or to contact me for independent contract work, please view my website at






About Keep Fit Junkie

From the iron pushers to the aerobic warriors, the hard-core cyclists, the extreme sports lovers, the solo runners, the 6 am swimmers to the multi-sport heroes, who train like they have no finish line, anyone with this kind of mindset is welcome. Keep Fit Junkie was built to keep you informed, educated and inspired!